Be Inspired Films Nominated! Award for outstanding client satisfaction.

The prestigious RAR awards is a recognition of client satisfaction judged by the clients themselves. Be Inspired FIlms attended the RAR awards on April 22nd, Marriot Hotel London after getting nominated for 2 awards: Nominated for TV, Audio and Video production agency of the year and also in the event Sponsorship category. Myself and Ravinol attended, dressed to impress in tux. However upon arriving at the venue, everyone was in smart casual gear! Did we feel overdressed? I think not!... Ok we may of felt a little foolish however we received many compliments, perhaps mostly out of sympathy...

Rav and Conor RAR Awards

Everyone was very much from the advertising world, passionate with added liquid confidence to boost the networking. We ended up perhaps getting the rowdiest table there was - everyone on our table was either from Manchester, Nottingham or ourselves from Birmingham... its as though they just wanted to stick the northerners tucked away in one corner to keep us out of trouble :)

We watched the awards night through laughter and through tears, Even though we left empty handed, we parted ways, Heads held high, out of all the agency's under 40 staff, we hit the top 4 within the Audio & Video category, leaving with an experience to remember.