Skoll Centre for social Entrepreneurship

The Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, as part of the SAID Business School and Oxford University, is a leading global entity for the advancement of social entrepreneurship.


We were asked to create a video that would help them capture the depth and breadth of the amazing work they do for a high profile presentation to secure ongoing funding support. It had to be the ultimate pitch video and there was a lot to cover!


We spent three days filming students, centre leaders, professors, businesses and experts about the often world changing work they are doing with the Skoll Centre. We filmed using Canon C100 and C300 cameras and Canon cinema lenses to give a high-end look to what is a beautiful learning and research environment. Our aim was to really distill the wide variety of content so we got to the heart of the story and produced a powerful film that would move the potential funders to support the great work the centre does.


The presentation went incredible well and the film played a hugely important part of bringing the pitch to life in a visually compelling way.

"We wowed them...the Dean of Executive Education said he had goose bumps watching the film and felt so proud to be associated with us. Everyone clapped - it was a wonderful investment of resources and will have a long shelf life."

- Pamela Hartigan, Director of Skoll Centre