Social Investment Tax Relief Case Study

When the Cabinet Office approached us and asked of we make a fun video about the new tax incentive by HMRC, Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR), we jumped at the challenge and quickly came to the conlusion that animation would be the prefect medium for this. 


Explain Social Investment Tax Relief in a fun down to earth way that would inspire investors and social enterprises to have a closer look and see how they could benefit from it.


While we wanted (and did!) have fun with this, because this was an initiative through the government we had to be absolutely clear on what we were telling people in our video to ensure no one was misled. To this end we read through all the official financial guidelines and met with our contact in the Cabinet Office several times and worked closely with him to ensure we understood the terms of SITR. We then collaborated with both the illustrator and animator through the scripting and storyboarding process to turn what was very official and jargonist language into a visual, fun, yet informative film.


Since it's release in September 2014, the SITR animation has been used by HMRC on their website to promote this new initiative to great effect.