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We love our clients, because they care, because they want to see a better world and because they want to be part of the solution.

See who they are and what they have to say below.

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"Be Inspired Films really understood the motivation and the key messages perfectly and were able to relay it into a format that really worked and got people talking."

- Lareena Hilton, Deutsche Bank


"Having worked with a number of production companies over the years, I can confidently say that BeInspired Films is far and away the best. Their team was professional, well-versed, equipped for every scenario, and unflaggingly helpful at every turn. Even Sir Howard Stringer, the ex-Chairman of Sony, approached me afterward to sing their praises, saying their production team is truly top-notch -- keep them close and work with them often, because they're one of a kind. Needless to say I will do just that."

- David Goldberg, Founders Forum For Good


 "Be Inspired are committed to tell the story and will work with you to produce a film with heart - which these days is a hard task to achieve. Highly recommend their work."

- Rebecca Speidel, Locality


"Their experience working within and outside the NGO sector definitely added value - enabling them to be sensitive to our issues, aims and values but also able to bring in new ideas and persepctives."

- Simon Moore, Saferworld