Live Streaming

Engage a national and international audience to extend the reach of your event

Share your story with the world...

Putting on an event takes a lot of work and often a big budget. Why limit the number of people you can reach by the number of people who can travel to your venue and fit in the room?

Filming and live streaming your event to a national or international audience is a powerful way to connect and engage more people with your event and create great video content that you can share afterwards too.

Our team combine the best in live streaming expertise, a friendly down-to-earth approach and a range of affordable packages to help you share your story with the world.

We can create branded event pages for your live stream, embed the live stream directly onto your own website, let your viewers watch the live stream on your very own facebook wall and even set up pay-per-view options and video on demand features too.

 Some examples of events we loved live-streaming for clients...

Mind the Brain for UCL

Mind the Brain for UCL

Supporting Syria Event for NCVO

Supporting Syria Event for NCVO

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