Job Opportunity - Business Manager

Inviting job applications for:  Business Manager (Full-Time)

Reporting to: Ravinol Chambers (Founder of Be Inspired Films and Video KnowHow Academy)

Salary: £18,000 - £24,000 (depending on experience) 

Location: Birmingham

Benefits: Flexible working hours, fun and supportive culture, opportunity to make a difference, work directly with Founder, access to training and development, opportunity to co-create the role as it develops.

Deadline: Midday October 21st 2016

Interviews: October 28th 2016


Watch the video to hear more about the role from Be Inspired Films Founder, Ravinol Chambers.


A bit about you:

I’ve very open to hiring candidates with different backgrounds, experiences, and skills. However, there are a few non-negotiable traits that any successful candidate will possess.

1.    Your default setting is to be proactive not reactive. You ask questions rather than letting topics go un-discussed. You take ownership of problems and develop solutions without being asked. To do this job well, you need to be eager to take action and have a history of getting things done.

2.    You are a fantastic communicator. This job will require you to build mutually beneficial relationships through writing and over the phone. Plain and simple, you must be able to write clearly, powerfully and persuasively and have the ability to adapt style, tone and voice to meet the objective.

3.    You are an organisational powerhouse. You need to be a master of logistics, planning, and coordination. The right candidate will be able to juggle multiple priorities and work well under pressure. You are a systems and processes wizard and have a strong record of establishing standard operating procedures in your previous work.

4.    You bring energy into the room rather than take energy out of it. Great teams cannot thrive when people act selfishly, lack ambition, or otherwise row in the opposite direction as the rest of the boat. I’m looking for someone who is fully “on board” with our mission, brings great energy and enthusiasm each day, and has a genuine desire to help others and be part of a team.

5.    You are hardworking and passionate about what we do.  To be on board you will have to fully engage with the subject matter.

6.    You will have exceptionally strong research skills. This role will call for an inquisitive mind and a desire to make the business as efficient and effective as it can be. A passion for reading and gathering appropriate knowledge is essential.

7.    You will be self-motivated.  You will have a keen desire to learn and develop, you will have to be self-motivated as you will be given a large degree of freedom and autonomy to get things done.

8.   You will possess an eye for detail.  Key attention to detail, an analytical and driven mind set combined with a positive mental attitude are essential for this role.

9.    You will be well educated.  We are looking for someone who is sharp, quick and on the ball. You do not need to be a graduate but must be able to demonstrate you are capable and learn quickly. Your experience does not need to be from the media industry.

10. You ask when you need help or clarification. Business is a team sport, we are in it together. 


The key tasks you will be responsible for include:

Systems and processes:

You will be responsible for researching and establishing super efficient and effective business systems and processes designed to add value to the business

You will be responsible for embedding, maintaining and continually improving these systems and processes with a view to continually adding value to the business

Managing relationships:

You will manage and broker relationships with new and existing Suppliers & Freelancers

You will manage the Founder’s communication with new and existing clients

You will manage the CRM system, making sure we log and follow up on all leads and opportunities

Marketing activity:

You will be responsible for Social Media / Marketing / Blogs / Campaigns / Content creation

You will be responsible for co-ordinating any external suppliers we bring in to support us in those areas

You will research and establish relationships with podcasts, magazines, events, networks for the Founder and BIF to be featured in and speak at.

Exploring opportunities for new business:

You will research ideas, opportunities and partnerships for new business. 

You will follow up on these where appropriate or pass them to the Founder.

General administration:

You will be responsible for managing the Founder’s Diary

You will be responsible for managing the Founder’s Email

You will be responsible for Postage / Scanning / Filing / Booking travel and logistics / Purchases / Returns / Admin

You will be responsible for basic book-keeping / Organising receipts and invoices for accountant / sending out and following up on invoices payable

Ideal but not essential:

You will be familiar with e-commerce / payment gateways / online training platforms 

You will be familiar with platforms like Clickfunnels / Infusionsoft / Squarespace

You will be great at writing copy / content / designing campaigns



Submit your CV and a covering letter through the 'Escape The City' portal.

Make sure to submit by midday October 21st and to include the following…

  1. Your current salary (if you are working) and your expected salary (if they are the same, please make that clear).
  2. Score yourself out of 10 for each of the ‘A bit about you’ statements above (10 is the best).
  3. A couple of paragraphs on why you want the job (no more than 2 x A4 sides)
  4. Your answer to the question, 'How would you approach professionalising our systems and processes?'