Bhaktivedanta Manor Case Study

Bhaktivedanta Manor is a beautiful country estate in Hertfordshire, donated by George Harrison of the Beatles to the Hare Krishna people in 1972.


We were asked to create a ten to fifteen minute video which would give an insight into the history of the Hare Krishna movement and in particular the diversity and beauty of Bhaktivedanta Manor and the range of activities available for visitors.


We spent three days filming at Bhaktivedanta Manor to create 'Sanctuary for the Soul.' Our clients then spent a further day filming interviews with the school trip, and we edited the whole film.


"Be Inspired Films came in and the whole process and capacity for us to figure out what should constitute a film about us became as simple as tieing your shoe laces. They were creative, caring and on time. Its been a wonderful experience for us."

- Gauri Das, ISKCON