Skoll supports future Social Leaders!

For someone to be part of the Skoll foundation at SAID Business School, Oxford sets a milestone. We’re seeing a constant uprise in interest of entrepreneurs starting to have a strong social impact and aiming to be 'social leaders', to be fully aware of the responsibility placed upon them and their challenges ahead. 

Last week we got to interview the Skoll candidates, and their ambition and positive enthusiasm for what Skoll has helped them to achieve is infectious. We got to speak with a number of chosen Skoll candidates that felt as though they were part of a family, a community of like-minded people striving to make a change. While interviewing the Skoll candidates we were lucky enough to also be around for the LAUNCH event, where undergrads and post-grads had the opportunity to network together and share ideas with high profile practitioners. Being engulfed in this positive environment further encouraged us as Be Inspired Films to believe in and keep telling stories to support these ambitious ideas. 

You cannot help but to see the rise in entrepreneurs wanting to take on the responsibility, to have a strong social impact. To match that rise, the Skoll Foundation has to keep building and keep growing so that more ambitious candidates can be supported to make a real change, on a world-wide scale for the years to come.