TEDx talks to connect Royal Albert Hall with the world

London’s next TEDx talks event will be streamed live across the world, giving global online access to TEDx’s trademark inspiring and entertaining speeches as they happen from the Royal Albert Hall on September 23rd.

TEDxAlbertopolis, an independently organised event licensed by the renowned TED conference, will feature an afternoon of fascinating talks on the theme of ‘A Tale of Two Cultures’ – how art and science fit together in the modern world.

Confirmed speakers include Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England; one-handed pianist and Royal College of Music graduate Nicholas McCarthy; Max Barclay, Collections Manager at the Natural History Museum; and cryptic crossword setter John Halpern.

Director of Science Gallery London and Scientist in Residence at the ICA Daniel Glaser will host the event, while the speaker line-up also features David Braben, computer game designer and Raspberry Pi Foundation co-founder; Hannah Redler, Head of Media Space and Arts Programme at the Science Museum; Julia Lohmann, Design Resident in the Department of Seaweed at the Victoria and Albert Museum; and designer and inventor of the Seaboard, Roland Lamb.

By streaming the talks live over the internet, TEDx can reach its thousands of devotees internationally. The events network has 195,000 likes on Facebook and 73,000 Twitter followers.

“Although TEDx events are primarily designed to showcase the achievements of a local community, they can also attract a global audience,” explains Kadhim Shubber, TEDxAlbertopolis Organiser.

“Live streaming TEDxAlbertopolis will allow people around the world to benefit from the expertise of our extraordinary speakers and to share their own perspectives in real time.

“It’s really a unique privilege to be organising TEDxAlbertopolis at the Royal Albert Hall, and to give our speakers the opportunity to share their ideas from the world’s most famous stage.”

Birmingham-based Be Inspired Films will handle the live online streaming on September 23rd. Established as a social enterprise by Ravinol Chambers in 2009, Be Inspired Films was appointed after the TEDxAlbertopolis team saw its work at a previous London TEDx event, TEDxNewham.

“The quality and professionalism on display at that event gave us confidence that we had found a company that could do TEDxAlbertopolis justice,” comments Shubber on the appointment.

“Live streaming your event and creating a range of video content you can use afterwards is a great way to extend the number of people you reach and their level of engagement,” comments Ravinol Chambers. “This leverages the value of your investment long after the event is over.”

In addition to live streaming services, Be Inspired Films provides affordable video training to SMEs and charities, and produces videos and animation for social purpose organisations and CSR projects, such as Deutsche Bank’s ongoing Born to Be programme.

“Video brings stories to life and has the potential to engage people in a way that other media struggle, particularly today, in our technology-driven society,” Chambers adds. “Video is a powerful way to create trust and rapport with your customers and supporters even in the absence of face-to-face contact.”

The live streaming of TEDxAlbertopolis will take place on Monday September 23rd 2013 from 2.00pm to 7.00pm via www.tedxalbertopolis.com.