Small Art, Big Inspiration: An Evening with Willard Wigan

Be Inspired FIlms had the chance to to meet Willard Wigan, the worlds' greatest micro artist, hosting a small exhibition at The Royal Yacht Club, Kightsbridge, London.

Up close and personal, we heard the Birmingham born artist's inspirational story. He began making tiny houses, then tiny see-saws, and then tiny furniture for a colony of homeless ants. The constant push to make things smaller came from his mother, judging his creations as "too big."

This forced him back to the drawing board, experimenting with different tools and pushing himself to the extremes of the miniature world. Due to this motivation, he has been able to achieve what we're lucky to see today. Impossibly micro sculptures, at home in the eye of a needle, introduced a new vantage where science meets art.

This innovative approach to art attracted some famous attention. Willard had the honour of receiving an MBE from The Queen. She had written to Willard in excited anticipation about her very own Micro Sculpture, 'The Coronation Crown', for her Diamond Jubilee.

This man is a true inspiration; from a struggling student belittled by teachers, to an internationally acclaimed artist endorsed by The Queen herself. Willard gives hope to all, no matter what our size.

You can also check out this fab TED talk about Willard's work: