Leaps and Boundaries: Catch up with TEDxOxbridge online now

It was the University of Cambridge’s turn to host TEDxOxbridge this year, with a range of speakers convening on May 17th to discuss topics on the theme of Leaps and Boundaries. In the TEDx spirit of ‘ideas worth spreading’, the talks were filmed live and are now available to watch online.

Produced by Be Inspired Films, the videos capture the enthusiasm of the speakers and audience alike, enabling new viewers across the world to share in the TEDxOxbridge experience long after the doors have closed. Focusing on rapid advancements in technology changing the world at a faster pace than at any other time in history, the TEDxOxbridge talks ask if ‘the boundaries we set for ourselves are enough to restrain us from reaching too far, too fast?’

The one-day event was organised by a team of post-grad students from the University of Cambridge, including Laura Duggan. She comments: “Be Inspired Films were recommended to us by other organisers in the TEDx network and we found they were very professional and efficient, producing high-quality, interesting output. They took all the stress out of it.”

“The annual TEDxOxbridge is a great event, bringing the TEDx ethos of community education straight to people in academia,” says Ravinol Chambers, Founder of Be Inspired Films. “Filming the talks and distributing them online means we can invite people all over the world to take part too, to learn from the speakers and have the shared experience of discussing these fantastic topics.”

TEDxOxbridge featured speakers including Christian Busch, co-founder of global innovator community Sandbox; Cory Doctorow, science fiction author, activist, journalist and blogger; biomedical gerontologist Dr Aubrey de Grey; comedian Andy Zaltzman; Asim Haneef, Director of Development at Bamyan Media; economist Dan O’Neill; John Egan, entrepreneur, economist, writer and CEO; Raspberry Pi Foundation CEO Lance Howarth; Robyn Scott, social entrepreneur and author; Scott Schnaars, General Manager of EMEA for gamification company Badgeville; Simone Schnall, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Cambridge; MBA student George Bell; Sara Serradas Duarte, PhD student in neuroscience; psychology Professor Brian R Little; musician Mr Fogg; beatboxer Shlomo; and filmmaker Ampisound.

Be Inspired Films also handled the live-streaming and video production for TEDxAlbertopolis at London’s Royal Albert Hall in September. Based in Birmingham and London, the social enterprise produces complete videos and animation for social purpose organisations and CSR projects, offers live streaming for events and provides affordable video training to SMEs and charities.