Add a little magic to your message and watch it come alive

say it with Animation...

Animation is a fantastically powerful way to bring your brand to life visually, it gives you great freedom and can even be combined with live action.

We love how animation can simplify an otherwise complicated message, making it fun and impactful, and all in less than 3 minutes! Great for explanation videos, crowdfunding videos, making annual reports interesting (yes it is possible!) and much more.

There is great pleasure and learning in the creative process involved with animation and we love getting you involved too. We bring the perfect team together to create magical movement tailored to fit your audience perfectly.


Check out some of our animation videos below...

Social Investment Tax Relief - The Cabinet Office

Who We Are - Impetus

The Breakthrough Capitalism - Volans

The Value of Complaints Benchmarking Reports - The Fundraising Standards Board

Apply Now!! - The Digital R&D Fund for the Arts

What is the Alto card? - Unity Trust Bank